Premiere Chic

This is our mid length hairstyle is premier chic. This style is perfect for the trendsetters and the movers and shakers. The lady who likes to be seen, and wants to be at the head of the crowd.

Volume, bounce and shine are the buzz words that surround this look. Perfect for city living whether it’s at the opening of the latest hip bar or restaurant or shopping for the latest look. Premiere chic, whilst having all the qualities of premier glamour, also has the cutting edge. It has been inspired by the leading ladies in the cities of fashion. Think Sarah Jessica Parker. If you are a budding Carrie Bradshaw from sex in the city this is perfect for you.

This look has been has been created by innovative cutting techniques that are straight from London. Clever layering and styling ensure that this look will remain effortless and work with the hectic lifestyle of today. We have shortened the length and created volume throughout. So this look always has the bounce and movement. Perfect for those who have naturally curly hair and working with the beauty of Kerastase, always ensures that the curls remain glossy, beautiful and full of life. However if you have straight hair or hair that is finer in texture the same look can be achieved, by using our innovative styling techniques. So anyone can enjoy this style. This look is designed for those who want to be the inspiration. They are the trendsetters who mix and match their wardrobe. The ladies who can effortlessly mix the Prada with a vintage find from hill road. It is all about being confident and having the confidence.

The colouring that has been used is a classic foiling technique lifting the hair beyond the boundaries to create softer more translucent blondes and iridescent tones. This creates a cooler palate and looks like Manhattan on a crisp spring day. These tones were selected to really explore and push the boundaries in colour selection whilst remaining classic in its approach. Think the latest Louis Vuitton bag and you are half way there. Using the new innovations of Majirel cool cover, these icy tones will complement the haircut and are perfect for the crowd that wants the international style. However this classic technique also works well with any shade selection. It is all about the individual and how you work it!

Premier chic is about the individual and demands you to dare to be different. Use this look to your advantage. Curl it,scrunch it , iron it ,work with it and play with accessories. The wearer would never wear the same outfit twice, so the same goes for the hair. Loosely pin up for a chic fashion event, and then twist and scrunch the next day for an effortless look whilst shopping. Then brush through to create perfect volume for the next hippest place you are going to. Let the colour work for you. Change and adapt the style and let our innovative cutting and colouring change the look for you! This means that for you the Premier Chic never goes out of style.

Using the beauty of Kerastase always lets you look the best. Use oleo curl shampoo and masque to help protect and condition the hair whilst using oleo curl styling cream to create and enhance the curl and movement. Since we are mixing it up bit, Tecni Art Scruff is also a wonderful product to create the perfect beach or cafe look. For those that want to be different and yet always remain in style Premier Chic is perfect for you!