Premiere Rock

Premier rock is about attitude! Dare to be different! Stand out from the crowd and push the boundaries of fashion and style to the limits. Think night club and the hottest night spots of Mumbai and you are there. Short and quirky, this is the style for the individual. This look takes it inspiration straight from the streets of London. Always on the edge and deifying conventions. It's about what rocks.

This look is not for the conservative but if you want to truly be an individual then this is perfect for you. However just because you rock the nightlife and the hippest hotspots doesn't mean you can't rock the look in the workplace. Creative or corporate this look puts you in front, the one who does think outside the box. This look has been created by pioneering cutting techniques literally straight off the runway from every international collection. Slice cutting and removing the weight from the hair, allows this style to be fluid and diverse! This look needs attitude. The cutting is what creates this look. Take a deep breath and let Saks India do the work. Short layering techniques and the decision to push the boundaries are the philosophy behind this haircut. The only rule is, there are no rules!

This look defies conventions and is perfect for any age, it's all about empowerment and believing in yourself. If you are ready to throw the rule book away then this is the look for you.

With the colour we have created the perfect solution for the girl on the move! Cleverly placed foils work in harmony with time shortage and the girl on the move. Just four foils that lighten the hair and allow colour placement of the individual. Brilliant burgundy shimmers and dances in this haircut.However for those that really want to explore and create, use our colour boxes and let bright saffron colours dance with the cooler tones of our Majirel cool collection. It's your life it's your attitude so it's your choice!

This look is perfect in very way style it, create it, live it, punk it up to rock the conference or the dance floor. Smooth it down and appear picture perfect at every opportunity. Spike it, create the perfect Mohawk just defy gravity and give this look the attitude that is needed.

This look is raw! So styling products are needed! Get creative use Tecni Art Scruff it to scrunch and play and use the bounce of playball in the same range to make this look work. It's all about outside of the box. Mix and match products together to create the look. It's all about flair and the individual. You wear it you will rock it!