Premiere Glamour

This look is our long haired look. Elegant, flowing and shimmering with colour.

This look has been inspired by the red carpet glamour of a film premier. This is like the haute couture of hair. It's the look that everybody wants and now they can have. Beautiful for the evening and just as gorgeous during the day.

This look has been created by maintaining all the length onto the hair and adding internal softness and flawless layering. It also adds volume and movement.

It is perfect for the lady who loves long hair but wants to stand out from the crowd. Perfect for the lady who likes to experiment with her style. Worn up or down, straight or curly, this versatile haircut allows to transform your look as you move from day to day.

Taking from our philosophy of wear-ability, this look appeals to all ages. The only condition is be prepared to experiment and try not to look the same twice. Just as we never see our favourite glamour celebrities in the same gown twice, this haircut is the same.

To accentuate the haircut we have dazzled the hair with colour. The technique used has all the mystique of glamour. Asking the question has she or hasn't she coloured her hair soft tones and optimum shine give this transparent effect with diamond shine roots that fade into sun kissed ends. This colour has been designed to last. Never have to worry about colour fade or root touch up this colour technique just lasts and lasts. The colour selection for this glamour look is shimmering coffee brunettes on the root area, muted copper and toffee tones to catch the sun and dance in the light before dancing into soft caramel and light honey ends that give the this look the sophisticated edge that allows it be styled in all shapes and forms. The same effect can be created using a wide variety of colours with the same technique. So just like the best couturiers the colour will be hand crafted to suit the individual.

The key ingredient to this look is experiment, and dare to be different. Straight, curly, worn up or down, it’s all about the individual. To style the hair think ultimate glamour and exploit the Kerastase range to the max. Start by applying your favourite elixir oil, for the ultimate in shine and condition, then work with oleo curl or relax to effortlessly style the desired way. For the finish spritz with kerastase lacquer couture for perfect hold and brush it away effortlessly to let you restyle your hair as you move from day to evening.