Saks Unique Features

Want to know what gives Saks that additional edge? Check out some of our unique features and offerings here.

Royalty Suite

Experience the pampering of your life with complete privacy in our Royalty Suite. This room is completely equipped to provide all Saks Services in one single room. Special VIP Treatment is provided in this Royalty Suite and you are made to feel like a celebrity. You can also enjoy a steam bath and freshen up before you move out. Saks is the only Salon that provides such a suite for celebrity clients and this is a perfect destination for bridal services and couples wanting to spend a relaxed time together

Kerastase Institute

This a special room in which we provide our wide range of Kerastase Hair Spa Rituals. Each ritual has been specifically designed to target individual concerns of your hair and scalp. This room is also equipped with a Special Analysis Camera that will diagnose your hair and scalp type thus allowing our Saks Experts to recommend the most suitable and effective hair Spa Ritual for you. Since a hair Spa is all about relaxation, you get your privacy in this room while our Saks Experts pamper you in the lap of luxury.

Kerastase Oil Zone

Saks is the first in the country to provide an area which is completely dedicated for Oil Rituals. And which brand do we choose for this Oil Ritual – The Kerastase Elixir Ultime Liquid Gold Oil. Pick the Oil Ritual of your choice and slip into complete relaxation. The Oil Zone is well lit up and gives you that warm feeling.

CACI Face Lifting

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument and Saks is the First Salon and Spa to provide such advanced non surgical face lifting treatments. Our In Salon Beauty Experts are completely trained in this advance treatment and will deliver the results that you want. This Treatment is so effective that results are seen in the very first sitting. Since this is a non surgical treatment, there is no risk or any side effects. This is considered as one of the finest in anti ageing treatments that are available.