Saks is excited to announce the arrival of International Principal Hairstylist, Stewart Harland

Stewart Harland has arrived from U.K. and is heading the Hair Team at our Andheri Outlet. He has previously worked with Saks U.K. and has trained directly with the Creative Style Director, Alison Dace.

Stewart has also been part of the Saks U.K. Art Team which is responsible for launching the New Saks Collections every year and developing new techniques to enhance the industry. He has invested a large portion in to training as well where he has trained hairstylists in U.K. Stewart has done also been associated with and participated in the Brit Awards, London Fashion Week as well as the Paris Fashion Week. Worked with Brands such Givenchey, Versace and Valentino. Stewart has continuously participated in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy as well as the British Hairdressing Awards. His passion lies in Education and Training.