Hair Spa Rituals

Restore life back into your hair with our Kerastase Hair Spa Rituals. A bespoke conditioning ritual designed to treat all hair types. This treatment instantly transforms your hair, making each strand stronger yet softer in texture.

Indulge in some of the most rejuvenating hair spa rituals at Saks

Saks Experience Hair Spa Ritual - 90 Minutes


The finest hair care treatment has two unique components to be fused together into an exceptional treatment i.e. Rich Essential Cream and Pearls of Mimetic Caviar which are naturally rich. This alchemy deeply revitalises and hydrates hair and scalp. Most demanding women define the Chronologiste as “The Promise of Timeless Splendor”.

Nourishing Ritual For Dry Hair

For slightly dry hair that loses its suppleness and softness, this tailored ritual brings a subtle dosage for nutritive balance from the root to the tip. The scalp is delicately nourished and the hair is replenished, infused with softness and left incredibly lightweight.

Enriched Nourishing Ritual

For dry and sensitive hair that becomes rough, dull and hard to untangle. This ritual brings a nourishing action associated to a continuous protection due to an optimal dosage for nutritive balance from the roots to the tip.

Smoothing Ritual For Frizzy Unmanageable Hair

Make a date with smoothness. The anti-frizzing action combined with nourishing oils, softens, tames and gives shine back to even the most unmanageable hair.

Curl-Define Ritual For Dry And Curly Hair

Tone, bounce and movement. Boosting hair care is on the menu. Texturised and coated, each curl is perfectly redesigned to follow your every movement.

Mirror Ritual For Coloured Hair

A cloak of light for your hair. From deep within, a soft texture, the fibrionic system weaves a micro-mesh all around the fiber. With its mirror-like surface, hair reflects light for immediate durable radiance.

Volumising Ritual For Fine Hair

Works like a cushion to support hair from the roots, for body all the way to the ends. Under the action of the shaping products, your hair is restructured and consolidated by an invisible armature that contours its volume and density.

Aminexil Gl Stimulating Ritual

The patent Aminexil + Gluco-Lipid + Molecules are clinically proven to help restore hair density after just about 6 weeks. The first massage care with Aminexil enriched in Gluco-Lipid GLD to reactivate the life cycle of stronger, thicker hair.

Purifying Ritual

Just like your skin, your scalp needs exfoliating to eliminate dandruff and dead cells. While purifying and oxygenating, this ritual delivers shiny, light hair.

Clarifying Ritual

A breath of fresh air for a suffocating scalp. Designed for oily hair and scalps, this ritual instantly absorbs excess sebum, leaving a cool, refreshing sensation.

Kerathermie Ritual For Hair In Shock

The ultimate in hair cosmetics. The combination of nourishing, restructuring agents sealed in by the heat of the kerathermie iron. Originating in Brazil, this thermo-reconstructing hair care service actually heals and disciplines the hair fibre. Repair agents are trapped in your hair's core and on its surface. Designed for hair in distress, this ritual transforms and sublimates the hair substance itself.

Firming Ritual For Hair Altered By Time

The first global anti-ageing hair care treatment. It jump-starts the vital functions of the scalp and replenishes deteriorations in the hair fiber. Treated at the source hair is infused with new vigor.

Saks Express Hair Spa Ritual - 45 Minutes

Express Nutrition Ritual

An express ritual that provides complete nutrition for your dry hair. The Kérastase Ambassador will diagnose your hair needs and recommend the right products. Experience complete nourishment for your hair fiber.

Express Strengthening Ritual

Meant to strengthen weak hair, this instant ritual rebuilds and strengthens the internal substance of the hair fiber, adding more firmness, body and natural strength.

Express Colour Radiance Ritual

This quick ritual infuses the hair with immense shine. The dual action technology internally reinforces the hair fiber, adds an incredible shine and “hydrated-like” touch in an instant.