Saks Facials

Undertake a journey within; experience an array of holistic treatments, meaningful rituals and traditional ceremonies at Saks. Whether you're looking for revitalizing treatments or soothing spa therapies, our offerings, performed by specially trained hands are designed to stimulate your senses and alleviate deep-seated stress. We have alliances with the most renowned spa brands in the world to help you look radiant and make you feel on top of the world. The salon is an eclectic mix of style, culture, comfort and practicality, where all design features contribute towards making your experience absolutely delightful.


Saks Body Treatments

Why not treat yourself to an indulgent and results focused piece of pampering - tailored to take care of your skin concerns whilst also leaving you relaxed and ready to face life with a smile.

We've got a variety of treatments designed to treat your very own stresses and strains. Lie down, forget the world for a while and let us untie those knots.

Saks Body Massages

Deep Tissue Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder

Full Body – 60 Minutes

Full Body – 90