Saks Facials

Undertake a journey within; experience an array of holistic treatments, meaningful rituals and traditional ceremonies at Saks. Whether you're looking for revitalizing treatments or soothing spa therapies, our offerings, performed by specially trained hands are designed to stimulate your senses and alleviate deep-seated stress. We have alliances with the most renowned spa brands in the world to help you look radiant and make you feel on top of the world. The salon is an eclectic mix of style, culture, comfort and practicality, where all design features contribute towards making your experience absolutely delightful.

Here at Saks, when it comes to skin, we’re totally focused on results. So whatever your heart’s desire, whether it’s to turn back time, iron out imperfections, give yourself a much needed skin boost or simply polish up for a special event, our expert therapists can advise and help.

We all fret about our skin. Of course, we want it to be healthy, glowing and smooth as the proverbial baby's bum. But Mother Nature and life in general often have other ideas. That's where our array of advanced treatments tackles the full range of skin issues, from stressed-out, tired and sensitive skin, through to tackling those sneaky signs of ageing that affect us all. For you it's a relaxing, pampering, feel-like-royalty experience. For us it's all about delivering the right solution to ensure your skin looks visibly better. We can even deal with some of the most troublesome skin issues including acne, rosacea, pigmentation problems and sun damage. So why not get some expert advice?

Take a look at some of our Spa Facials

Express Facials

Clean Up

Cleanse, tone, exfoliate and mask. A quick cleansing to freshen you up.

Matt Look Clean Up

It help to remove the impurities and controls excess sebum of oily skin, purifies the epidermis, tighten the pores and matify the skin. It is very good for oily as well as for acne prone skin.

Radiant Clean Up

This soothing and deep cleansing treatment contains natural plant extracts to perfectly cleanse the skin. It contributes to a beautiful glow and natural hydration of the skin.

Brightening / Whitening / Lightening Facials

Visible Brilliance

Targets dark circles, sallow, dull and lifeless skin making it look visibly brilliant. A powerful formula that smoothens and sculpts skin.

Whitening Lumination

The results on the radiance and luminosity of the complexion are spectacular. Dark spots are less numerous and intense. More translucent and luminous, the skin glows with beauty.

Anti-Ageing Facials

Tri-Enzyme Facial

Targets blemished and lifeless skin, helps ease away fine lines and resurfaces the skin to display younger and even-toned skin.

Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial

Anti-ageing formula specialized to lift and treat. It leaves the skin firmer and younger looking.

Age Expertise – Firming And Plumping

This facial skin care is good for skin which is matured, dull and aged. It fights Menopausal skin problems stimulating the cellular activity, which is disorganized by the lost of hormones. It also provides nutrients to the skin which hydrates, tones and firms the skin.

Age Expertise – Lifting Effect

At the high-end of scientific expertise and excellence in facial care PHYTOMER Age Expertise offers unique results paired with a precious moment of total well-being. Thanks to three high-performing professional products and a unique procedure which optimizes the effectiveness of their ingredient.

Hydrating & Moisturizing Facials

Visible Brilliance

Targets dark circles, sallow, dull and lifeless skin making it look visibly brilliant. A powerful formula that smoothens and sculpts skin.

Sea Pearl Organic Facial

Intense moisture soak for a radiance-boosting effect. The unique combination of seawater pearls and algae caviar leaves your skin visibly replumped and your complexion much more radiant for a moment of ultimate relaxation.

Skin Solution Facials

Purifying Oily Skin Facial

This treatment, specifically formulated with plant extracts (Iris and grapefruit) restores pH balance, tightens enlarged pores & purifies and regulates the skin.

Modern Skin Facial

Bursting with anti-oxidant rich minerals and vitamins, this purifying treatment helps remove damaging toxins, regenerate skin cells and rebalance sebum.

Oxygen Skin Calm Facial

Pure soothing heaven for sensitive skin. It helps to relieve redness. This superior face and eye treatment offers immediate comfort to stressed and irritated skin.

S.O.S. Purifying Facial

A powerful face and eye treatment that helps regulate and balance the skin function. It helps to absorb sebum, calm irritation and rebalance oil-rich pores, leaving a beautiful matt complexion.

Men's Specific Facials

Urban Cleanse Facial

Detox and repair. A deep cleansing facial that clears blocked pores and accelerates skin repair

Skin IQ

Anti-ageing and super boosting for tired, stressed and dehydrated skin. Replenishes moisture while helping dehydrated skin combat premature ageing which is a result of a rigorous lifestyle. This facial is considered as the complete overhaul for male skin.

Eye Treatment

Radiant Eye Contour

A short and targeted treatment that energizes and filters the eye contours to make your eyes look younger. Enjoy as a full treatment or as a complement to the facial treatment of your choice.